About The Shiny Side Up Partnership

The Shiny Side Up partnership has been flourishing since 2002!

Based in the East Midlands it consists of a group of dedicated professionals from Road Safety, Accident Investigation and Police Traffic Management teams.

Bikers in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire are the focus of our campaign to reduce the number of fatal and serious casualties suffered by bikers whether riding for leisure or for commuting journeys.

From the outset we recognised that we were trying to influence a special group of road users with a passion for the freedom and flexibility of biking.

The name Shiny Side Up was chosen to reflect the bikers saying "Keep your shiny side up" - implying that the rubber side should stay firmly on the road!

As a partnership we support and understand the amazing bond between rider and machine. During our campaign we have spoken to many of you through local motorcycle forums, our website, at racing venues, track days and other contact opportunities and you have left us in no doubt that getting out on your bike is the greatest feeling in the world. We believe that you recognise our messages and hopefully that you will bear in mind the information we try to give you about the risks you take when you are out on the road.

We have tried very hard to inform you where and why fatal and serious crashes occur and you will find that information on this website. Look at our reports on riders' attitudes and watch the short films and adverts which spell out the main dangers you face. You might be surprised!

Throughout the campaign we have tried to respond to your suggestions. As a result of your concern, that drivers don't see you, we have distributed over half a million of Think Bike stickers to riders and drivers to reinforce the message that it is vital to look for bikers.

To alert you as you ride we have diligently researched accident reports to establish the hotspots for crashes. On these routes we have erected signs to remind you that, whilst biking is a great way to get about, bikers are very vulnerable especially at busy times.

We also know that the majority of fatal crashes occur on bends on rural roads, your favourite leisure riding routes! To warn you of this we have the Bends dead ahead signs in place on approach to the bends where we know that a number of crashes have occurred.

Wherever you see our signs you should know that the route you are riding has claimed riders lives or left them seriously injured. Use your judgement to make sure you don't join them.

We will continue our campaign to reduce casualties to bikers who unfortunately, for the past few years, have figured too highly amongst our crash statistics. We will seek to identify emerging trends in the causes of these crashes. We will carefully monitor our statistics and respond with information and messages to help you to be aware of the dangers that may lie in wait for you on our roads.

Enjoy your riding - and be sure to keep your shiny side up!

Shiny Side Up Partners.

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