Be A Top Rider

Some of the hazards to look out for!

Losing control can happen too easily!

Braking or banking on a bends is always a dodgy move! This is the time when you need to keep the tyres firmly on the road!

Dampness, muddy or oily deposits on the road surface mean that you are far more likely to skid.

Rain in summer. After a dry spell a road surface will accumulate a film of rubber and oil that can be lethal when rain falls making the road surface slick and slippery!

Loose gravel - it's a bad as ice for losing your grip and it makes a very efficient skin remover as well!

Losing control can happen too easily!

SMIDSY “Sorry mate I didn't see you!” What a classic comment! - make sure no driver ever says this to you.

Always use your dipped headlight. Get something bright and reflective to wear or carry to get noticed.

On only two wheels you can be easily missed. Other drivers can pull out at the last moment so make sure you are visible!

Always ride defensively - with two wheels V four there's no contest. A driver is wrapped in a ton of metal but you are unprotected except for the gear you wear.


Know the dangers and ride accordingly.

Check out our crash scenarios! These are based on the most common collisions from our research into accident statistics.

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